Crystal Cosmo

Wax Specialist | Lash & Brow Artist

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For The Pro’s

Tools & Supplies

Pocketsuite Pro

Simplify your work load with this online booking app designed for beauty pros. Pocketsuite Pro includes features such as
income & invoice recording, online forms & contracts, text reminders and so much more…

Become a Starpil Pro

Take your business to the next level with premium wax products by Starpil Wax. Sign up for a pro account & receive exclusive pricing & reward perks.

Starpil 5lbs Wax Warmer

This 5lb wax warmer will elevate your salon’s look, efficiency, and productivity. It has a sleek and seamless design and features a luxurious, heat-resistant silicone lid holder. Quick heating up to 120 degrees Celsius, an insulated lid for even more efficient warming, easy-to-use features like green and red indicator lights, and an adjustable temperature dial, this warmer lets you easily control consistency.

Dual Smart Plug

Tires of having to come in early & babysit your wax pot? Save time & hassle with a smart plug. I have mine set to a schedule so i know my pots are ready when i arrive & off turn of after i leave for the day. Remotely turn on & off from the Geeni smart app as well.

Easy Clean

To keep a professional appearance it’s important to keep your wax area clean & tidy, its never been easier than with this easy clean citrus oil.

Pot Cleaning Pads

These thick, textured, lint free pads are perfect for cleaning your wax pot, pair with depileve easy clean wax warmer remover for the perfect cleaning duo.

Starpil Pink Film Hard Wax Blend

My personal fave, this wax is not only gentle but strong! From its low temp, creamy texture to it’s amazing elasticity & strength this is the perfect blend for sensitive skin for full body waxing from head to toe. If you had to choose just 1 medium, I highly recommend this be it.

Rebel Hard Wax

This amazing full body hard wax is my go to for large areas of the body including legs, arms, back & bikini/brazilian. Developed by fellow esthie, Bree Mesquit, Its tough grip grabs even the most course hair with ease as well as finer velous hair. This wax is the most pliable and effective of any I have used so far and at an unbeatable price point. Follow fellow our esthie bestie Bree Mesquit on IG: @lashandwaxoc

Fur Oil Backbar Bundle

The Fur Oil & Ingrown Concentrates you love, but bigger! Great for use both pre & post wax.

Use Code: CRYSTALCOSMO1 for 10% Off your first order.

Starpil Pre & Post Wax Care Trio

My “can’t live without” pre & post care trio. Starpil’s Pre-Wax Gel cleanses, hydrates & prepares the skin for waxing (my clients also love its mild minty scent & refreshing coolness). Starpil’s Post Wax Lotion aids in speeding up recovery, providing hydration & protection to freshly waxed skin. Starpil’s Post Wax Oil calms & soothes freshly waxed skin & aids in removal of any leftover wax residue.

Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask

This ultra-soothing, calming & moisturizing sheet mask helps gently cleanse & exfoliate skin within the bikini area, aiding in visible reduction of redness, irritation & ingrown hairs.

*Available for purchase during your next visit.

Disposable Bed Sheet

This non woven disposable sheet is one of my faves! Its super soft like cloth, not crunchy like traditional paper disposables and perfectly protects my wax pad for easy cleanup between appointments. Simply tear along perforation, roll up & throw away; sanitize station as usual.

Powder Free Gloves

Lint-free Wipes

Large, soft lint-free wipe perfect for pre & post care wax applications

XL Stir Sticks

This extra large stick makes the perfect stir stick for your wax pot no matter how large.

Large Wax Sticks

This large application stick is perfect for waxing large area such as: arms, legs, bikini, back & chest

Medium Wax Sticks

This medium sized durable, splinter-free stick is perfect for wax application of smaller areas such as: nostrils, brows & full face

Small Precision Stick

With its slim design & choice of use between rounded or pointed edge this stick makes the perfect precision tool for sculpting the perfect brow.

About Me

Crystal Cosmo, Fresno, CA

Hi my name is Crystal. I’m a Mom, Licensed Cosmetologist & Salon Owner located in Fresno, CA.


In the salon: I specialize in Full Body Comfort Waxing: a combination of experience, technique & quality professional wax products, resulting in less pain & irritation during & after your wax visit. I’m also a Certified Lash Technician with expertise in Lash Lifting, Brow Lamination & Tint.

In my spare time: I am a nature fanatic & love to explore. Whether as a family or solo, you’re most likely to find me outdoors on a nature walk or tending to my garden. I also enjoy cooking, trying new recipes and eating, I really enjoy eating…

At Crystal Cosmo I’m dedicated to providing you with premium beauty services & products, to help you look good & feel your best, at a competitive price...because you deserve it.