Who is Alli, the Crystal Dryad? The Basics!

🦉Who : Hello! I’m Alli, and I am the business owner of the Crystal Dryad. I am a Jeweler, Energy Practitioner, Seeker of Wisdom, and Child of the Creator.

🔮What : My business centers around the power and energy of the present, paired with crystals, to transform areas of life which are ready to be healed, integrated, rearranged, or let go. I also work with other energy tools like Tarot or Oracle Cards & Pendulums.

📍Where & When : I live in Northeast Ohio, and have been working with stones, jewelry, spirituality, and energy my whole life. I was raised within the Catholic Church* and encouraged to have my own relationship with the Holy Spirit, which I have done my best to follow, which has brought me here and now.

*Although I am a cultural Catholic, I am non-religious and actually do not follow any religion. I have enjoyed studying religions and philosophies through the lens of anthropology and comparative thought, and believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

🌀Why : I believe that all parts of Creation have a part to play. This is why many animals, plants, and stones are revered across cultures. I want to share the knowledge I’ve found with anyone who is ready and open.

📿How : In my practice, I introduce my clients to crystal allies, which act as conscious prisms to ground the present moment, transmute self limiting beliefs, and cleanse the aura. My favorite way to introduce clients to crystals and stones is through jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind, as I use real crystals, semiprecious stones, volcanic rock, and everything in between, to create a balanced piece. Within the piece is a color palette or color story, which works within a specific frequency to move energy between the client’s energy centers, or chakras.

Other ways I use crystals in my practice is through an energy cleansing ceremony. Whether they have made big changes in their lives, or are looking to make room for new opportunities and energies, this ceremony is so helpful.

I generally start by creating a container with the stones around the client and I, by gridding the clients’ aura, and standing within the outer ring. Using my voice, incense, plant allies, candles, crystals, and feathers, we guide grounding energy from Mother Earth in through the feet energy centers, and allow it to fill the body from toes to the top of the head, naturally, as it winds up the spine. We honor any and all obstacles and discuss the physical sensations, emotions, or memories which come to the surface as we revivify the energy centers.

If you have any interest in these services, please feel free to reach out to me either through email or private message on social media! Readymade jewelry pieces awaiting their new home can be found on my Etsy page, and can also be used as inspiration for your own custom piece we can design together!