Your ticket to financial freedom

Take the leap of faith in YOU and worry about the rest later

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Other than paying off student debts, I want to retire my dad, and become financially independent enough to be able to travel the world while making BANK. Does that sound like you?

Modern Nature is the #1 luxury hair and skincare company in the world. We’ve become a billion dollar company in a matter for 4 years and we have only existed for 5 years! We’re extremely young and unsaturated— which is the best time to join a company according to business experts. Hair care and skin care is consumable, everyone wants good hair and skin, so we will always have business. Side note, our team is the fastest growing in Canada 💪
We’re also a B Corp, a new standard for ethical businesses that give back to the community.

I’m looking to build our dream team. If you’re willing to:
• work for financial freedom from the palm of your hands
• get 5 paycheques a month
• massive bonuses & commissions
• fully paid for trips and cars
• free mentorship, training, one-on-ones that would typically cost thousands from experts
• an insanely driven community and environment that support and love you everyday
• the means to fund your dreams
reach out & dm me any questions you have!

Don’t have the time?
I thought that too. But you’re your own boss, you literally work this whenever and wherever you want. As long as you have wifi, you can work. Realistically, you can make time.

Don’t have the money?
I get you, NOBODY did when they first started. The reason you work is because you need money! It’s a one time investment, and investments are necessary in reaping the benefits and you would NOT be complaining about a couple hundred dollars when you’ve made several thousands and made your dreams come true.
It’s a goldmine opportunity.

It’s about a crap ton more than just haircare and money. It’s about community, personal development, and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Treat yourself to the best

Everything you want in one bottle

You can achieve your dream hair, all you have to do is switch out your shampoo.

Love bleaching my hair every colour under the sun. DONT love frying my hair and visibly seeing it cry and break off. I can’t tell you how many weird DIY hair treatments I’ve done and you don’t want to know.
After switching out my shampoo and conditioner I’ve now been able to bleach my hair FIVE TIMES and still pass the healthy hair test, and it’s softer and bouncier than before I bleached it? So yes, it works, and it works the best.


We happen to be the NUMBER ONE premium haircare line in the world. It’s vegan, naturally based, cruelty free, toxin free & scientifically backed. The foundation of all our products is something called Rejuvenique Intensive Oil, a proprietary blend of 13+ botanical oils from all around the world that are able to penetrate all three layers of the hair cortex and change your hair from the inside out.

It’s a full hair care line. We address EVERY hair type (asian, caucasian, african, etc) and EVERY hair need, all hair/scalp problems, whether you have dandruff, alopecia, hair loss, dry hair or your hair gets so oily you come out the shower needing another one, we’ve got your back.

Want a free hair consultation?
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You’ve never seen this before & prepare to be impressed

Used to have unsightly acne. Spent COUNTLESS hours of research and too much money on skin care that I care to count. That is, until I finally decided to give Modern Nature a try and see what all the hype was about.
Now my skins clearing up, my burns are fading (I burnt my face and healed it with the oil), eczema is less active, my skin feels baby soft and smooth, and I’m obsessed with Monat skincare because this is the only thing that’s worked. And I won’t put anything else on my face.

It’s all naturally based, vegan, cruelty free, nontoxic, & scientifically backed.
We have revolutionary technology for skin care and new ingredients that have proved to be the most effective and compatible for your skin, like moss stem cells and kakadu plum.
We treat acne, aging, eczema, rosacea, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, even burns, really any skin problem that is solvable without a prescription.

Give your skin a treat. I promise you, you’ve never tried anything like this before.