A look into who I am

Hi my name is Crystal and the face behind the camera !

👩‍🎨 I am a wife , mother of 2 and a small business owner . Owning 2 businesses that I am extremely passionate about allows me to be helpful, reliable and most of all creative. By having a one on one personal experience, I can help you feel comfortable throughout the entire process and ensure you or your loved ones end up with a custom product everyone will love. 💇‍♀️

Enough of the business side of thing 😉

Now let me share some things you might not know about me.

📚 Reading and a nice hot bubble bath is one of many thing that helps me relax !

🏕 During spring and summer months I plan everything around camping ! My children and I love to take the trailer out any chance we get for a few nights away! My sister and her 2 children always are joining in for the fun! What could go wrong with 2 moms and 4 kids in the wilderness ? 🤪

🔨 IM VERY HANDY! My husband has taught me so much over the years and helps me believe in my self ! From hanging pictures to completely redoing a whole house 🏠 I’ve done it ! Every step of the way I learn so much more and love every minute of it ! And of course I had to make it official by getting my own pair of work pants !

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