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Master graduate offering tutoring services

Hello all!

I’m here to help improve your learning! I have worked as a substitute teacher for the past 5 years and enjoy watching students grow. I can tutor students from K-12 grades and also college undergraduate level courses. Maximum length for tutoring is capped at 2 hours a day.

Price= $25/per hour or $15 for a 30-minute tutoring session.

About me: My name is Candice and my favorite part of working in education is watching students’ eyes light up when they learn something new! I believe that all students can learn, even in spite of barriers or adversities. The most important concept a teacher taught me was to ‘always believe in myself’ - which I still use to this day and reiterate to my students until they believe in themselves!

I earned my master’s degree in Public Health from Westminster College in May 2021. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Utah State University. I can tutor in the subject areas of English, reading, writing, algebra, statistics, geometry, health, science, government, geography, history, and the social sciences. If there is a subject area not listed here that you need tutoring in, please note what subject area you need help with on your intake form.

If you’re a student (or a parent seeking tutoring for your child) and are in need of extra help or know someone who could benefit from tutoring, please fill out an intake form below and I will contact you promptly within 2 business days.

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Believe in Yourself

And you will be unstoppable.