Always Evolving

Hey, I’m Abby and here’s a little bit about me! I’m 39, my favorite color is green, I’m obsessed with houseplants and running, I own my own small business, and I’m pro medicinal Marijuana. I grew up in a small town, and moved to a small town. I was a stay at home mom for over 5 years before I started working for myself.
I started doing Uber and Instacart right before the pandemic hit and fell in love with the ability to decide my own schedule, decide what jobs to I wanted to take, and essentially decide my own income. I was also a personal assistant to a hair salon at the time and enjoyed the salon environment. The opportunity to become a lash artist come up and I decided to go for it. I became licensed and certified and luckily fell in love with lashing and making people feel good. At the end of this past summer, I left the hair salon and joined a lash salon where I currently work. I’ve been married for 7 years and have two kids, 6 and 3, along with two dogs (10 and 5), and a hamster.
Over the past spring I began to run regularly and developed some knee pain in my right knee where I had knee surgery many years ago. A friend advised me to take liquid collagen and within days my knee pain was nonexistent, I couldn’t believe it!
I have a passion for helping people feel and look their best, and I’m so happy to be able to do so through my career and side business!

Quotes to live by

“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who rebuilds herself”- Hannah Gadsby