Only account

These are my only accounts<3
-snzchar(username saver)
-and another one but I don’t wanna give it<3

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My coloring

🌺 ʚ β‚ŠΛš Ultralight ✿ κ’±

β˜† Clairty +10 β˜†
β˜† Sharpen -10 β˜†
β˜† Noise -10 β˜†

β˜† Saturation: β˜†

β˜† Cyan +10 β˜†
β˜† Dark Blue +5 β˜†
β˜† Purple +3 β˜†

πŸ‘ ʚ β‚ŠΛš Prequel ✿ κ’±

β˜† F: Teal 100 β˜†
β˜† E: Stardust β˜†

β˜† Exposer +40 - 50 β˜†
β˜† Contrast -34 β˜†
β˜† Highlights +30 β˜†
β˜† Shadows +100 β˜†
β˜† Mist +25 β˜†
β˜† Glow +5 β˜†
β˜† Abberation +30 β˜†
β˜† Blur 35 β˜†

🍍 ʚ β‚ŠΛš Colortone ✿ κ’±

β˜† Coogee +100 β˜†

🐬 ʚ β‚ŠΛš Vont ✿ κ’±
Put ur question

⚑️ ʚ β‚ŠΛš Colortone ✿
β˜† Coogee +100 β˜†

All credit to: funfetticharrs
Put in ur bio if u will use the coloring


Hashtag can blow ur vid
#viral #fyp #fanpage #ctxmelio #mouzafyp #springfashion #actives? #blowup #trending
#xyzbca #charlidamelio #4youpage #coloring #iconic😏 #Fypγ‚· #liveForTheChallenge #cgd
#hello #:)

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How to have a successful fan page and how to grow

Step 1:support other FPS be nice
Step 2:don’t like ur own post if makes h shadow banned
Step 3:try to stick with a coloring
Step 4:be active
Step 5:post 4-5vids a day
Step 6:use trendy audios
Step 7:be kind to ur followers and be greatful
Step 8;respect opinion
Step 9:block people who spam u with likes
Step 10:do f4f
Step11:make ur account organized
Step 12:follow other fan page maybe they will follow back
Step 13:don’t use gain-train u will gain followers but no actives!
Step 14:reply to comments
Step 15:don’t use the same hashtag every vid
Step 16:ask to do actives for actives
Step 17:use trendy question not like β€œdo u like my coloring β€œno a good trendy one
Step 18:delete hate comments
Step 19:use short vid not like 20+sec maybe like 10sec
Step 20 the last one:NEVER GIVE UP

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Fonts !

- better together script
- blue eyes
- biko
- butterflies
- can dog
- cat cafe
- cheeky rabbit
- children sans
- cream demo
- cutewritten regular
- dinomik
- DJB doodled bits
- eternal amsterdam
- garlic salt
- lemon milk medium
- lion cub regular
- local brewery sans
- mermaid bold
- muthiaria

Here’s things about me

My name is mouza I am 11 years old going to be 12 at September 24 I started this fanpage 29/9/2020 as a joke but I came this far at being of being a fan page I was a stranger things fan then I got banned and made a new stranger things fan acc and got hacked and then I decided to make a Charli fan page + I still adore stranger things cast!I love editing and love making themes I hope I get my actives back again🦩🌴

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