//Weekly update

//New Album by Hiner.K.

He just released a 8 tracks EP via Bandcamp & Soundcloud. "STREETCAMO" causes neckpain and shows up as the perfect soundtrack to rob some christmas gifts. It stands out through hard hitting drums and dusty samples.

//New Artist: Jimmy Blaze

He was born and raised in Nairobi circa 1995
and has been living in Berlin since he was 14 years old.
He later on discovered an hidden talent and so he started writing…
basically he is a student of the game.

Fuck with the vision.

Grow with him.

Your future favorite.

//New Artist: Álvaro Guilherme

Álvaro Guilherme was born in Angola in 1992.

At the age of eight he arrived in Portugal. Since the age of twenty, he has full-time dedicated himself to painting, using all possible materials and mediums to express himself, basically, everything he can get his hands on.

Álvaro, who also signs as Al Varo, or simply Al, seeks in the total freedom of the creative act, the driving force that pulls his painting towards a raw, free, but also tender and meticulous expression.

An expression that many try to categorize as Outsider or Brute, but which does not allow itself to be confined within these labels; it rather gains strength in the absence of labels and, precisely for that reason, finds in freedom the essence to be born, to assert itself and, at the same time, to self-reflect while observing the external setting.

In Álvaro Guilherme’s painting, there are no comfort zones.

Booth Brother #31 - TheFunkologist

Injera - prod. by FigubBrazlevic

//New Artist: Max Thom

Maxi draws inspiration from the ridiculousness of his life and transforms his ideas into figurative works with cheap brushes and acrylic paints. The idea as such is the center of his creative process. He always perceives his surroundings as a point of reference, to which he likes to refer, but at the same time tries
to detach himself from it. The oddities we encounter in his works are the effort to take away from everyday life that seriousness which he finds so unbearable.

Hiner.K. & TheFunkologist

Plasticized (Culture.Room)

Sandro Marx - Uhlandstraße (Vinyl)

Sandro first came in touch with electronic music while growing up close to Frankfurt am Main. Clubs like U60311, Robert Johnson and Kbar (HotelDigital) shaped his taste of music in the early days.

A few years later he co-founded the music collective "The Cave" in Groningen, the Netherlands with the aim to bring musical talents, music lovers and enthusiastic dancers together. The parties were unique in atmosphere and musical experience and tried to build a platform for art of all kinds. During this time and due to his travels in South Africa, South-East Asia and Central America he established his love to sounds like Disco, Funk, Jazz / Central / South American - and African.

Currently Sandro lives in Berlin during summer and works in event productions and artist care. During winter he escapes to Laax, Switzerland where he found a regular series of events with funky electronic sounds and follows residencies in different local clubs / bars as well. Currently he´s working on more stuff to come in Berlin, stay tuned!

//New Artist: Elisa Tasca

Elisa Tasca, who also signs Veg.ui, is an artist, graffiti artist and psychologist, who lives in São Paulo – Brazil. She was born in July 1995. She believes in the therapeutic potential of art and sees it as a channel of catharsis, which enables both self-knowledge and the liberation of one’s being in relation to his unconscious and social issues.

In her works, she brings themes such as veganism, feminism, in addition to portraying inner issues and feelings with the aim of materializing and self-reflecting her contact with the world.

She dedicates herself to painting since she was 22 years old. She likes to use all possible materials, with a focus on spray paint, acrylic and collage.

//New Artist: Linus Veil

Zwei analoge Serien von Linus Veil.


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We don’t believe that aesthetic pleasure is bound to money or prestige. So, we designed this network as a space where artists can work together and support each other to put their ideas and visions into practice. It is meant as a centre of presentation and communication for upcoming artists. Through our open structures, we want to promote and deepen intercultural connections.

Any form of creative expression finds a place in our network. It doesn’t matter if its painting, photography, theatre, jazz, classical or electronic music. Every form of thinkable, touchable or hearable expression has a place here. The Culture.Room with all its facets is occupied with a free form of communal enjoyment, where beautiful, strange and radical new forms of expression can unfold themselves without any boundaries.