New Year Collection Clean-up

New year, new customer discount - 40% off until 1/31/21 - free consultation

Refreshering your makeup collection

Minimize. Depot. Create. A unique colorstory.

Curated Aura is here to maximize your makeup collection by minimizing what you have via my personalized consultation & depotting services. Declutter your collection, use the items with more ease, and simplify travel all while keeping the colors that help you shine.

Providing makeup consulting, depot, repair and color creation service to refresh your collection. Helping you hit pan!

*Free consultations* Please go to to set up a quick consultation and discuss your unique needs.

Looking forward to working with you and your shine.

The Curation Process

A short guide to refreshing your makeup collection

How does the curation process work? In a few, easy steps we’ll glide through curation until we arrive at a renewed makeup collection.

(free) Consultation

Let’s become makeup buddies! We’ll start with a chat about you, your collection, and your needs so I may curate new palettes that highlight your shine. Also, this is a great time to answer any questions you may have. 

During the consultation, you will share:

▪️How many items you want depotted or repaired
▪️A little about your makeup goals, style, use, comfort and dislikes
▪️Your coloring - eye, hair, and skin tone in relationship the colors you wear, avoid and or hope to invigorate in your collection
▪️The type of magnetic palette that best suits you

Now, we’ve created a plan and are onto next steps...

Next steps + Shipping guide

With our plan in hand, you will now receive an overview of our consultations and an approximate bill for the services discussed. 

Via email you will receive:

▪️A detailed description of our consultation and the plan to depot, repair and refresh your collection
▪️A guide to help you detail which makeup pans to depot and curate, and which to discard 
▪️Instructions for sanitizing, packing and shipping items to ensure safe travel of your makeup collection (pick up and deliver available in the Denver-metro area). 
▪️A shipping label 
▪️An invoice with a 50% deposit due before curation begins


As soon as it received, your makeup collection will be sanitized, depotted and curated into new magnetic palettes.

I will send updates throughout the process - you tell me how much to keep you in-the-know. 

Depotting and curation of your magnetic palettes takes 2-4 days. Once complete,  you will receive pictures of the final product as well as a final bill.

Refreshed Makeup Collection

Receive your refreshed collection and the unique colorstory that is created in the process.

Together, we create less mess, less stress and a refreshed mindset around your collection and how you use it.

*All new, unused and discarded makeup items will be turned into personal palettes and donated to Dress for Success and various women's shelters.*

Share unused, unwanted makeup

All new and unwanted makeup will be paletted and donated to Dress for Success and/or various women's shelters.