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We offer amazing results with simple changes. A resume should not only highlight your experience, but must also encapsulate your worth - How you as a person will positively impact an organization.

Not everyone needs the same level of help and that's why we've created a simple and tiered structure of offerings to ensure you get what fits best for you.

Our Menu

- From Scratch ($90): Unsure where to start? This option allows you to go from scratch to completion without the need for a draft to begin. Note: this does mean that a virtual collaboration session will need to be scheduled to ensure we capture and highlight your best experiences. Sessions usually take under one hour.

- From Draft ($50): Sure of what experience to show, but unsure of how to best highlight it? This option allows you to share your resume draft with us and let us do the rest such as adjusting formatting, grammar, and promoting skills and experiences in the best way possible. Depending on your draft, a quick virtual collaboration session may be needed, but we can also work to communicate potential changes without the session to give you some time back.

- From Final ($25): Sure of your experiences listed and how you listed them, but unsure of the small things that can make a big difference, such as grammar, page/file formatting, and tenses? This option allows you to share your resume and get these final touches taken care of to show your best self when applying. No virtual session required.

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Our Add-Ons

(Chosen in addition to core services or on their own)

- LinkedIn Level 1 ($20): If your LinkedIn Profile is complete, but you want adjustments to final formatting and grammar, this option is for you.

- LinkedIn Level 2 ($40): If your LinkedIn Profile really needs some work, this option is for you. It includes utilizing your new resume to complete any missing experience/skills as well as ensuring your profile is best promoting who you are.

(Note: The above option defaults to LinkedIn Level 3 pricing if you did not purchase one of the resume options)

- LinkedIn Level 3 ($60): If you do not have a LinkedIn Profile, this option is for you. We work from onset to completion by creating the best profile to make your personal brand shine. All you need to start is a headshot photo for your profile and an accessible email for us to use for profile creation and hand-off to you.

- Cover Letter Editing/Creation ($20): Although the requirement to have a cover letter is quickly going away in many industries, some postings still require a cover letter. Let us create an easily editable cover letter for you to use in multiple postings with an efficient way to change out the words specific to each job requirement.

- Career Advice (Free With Any Other Option)

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About Us

We are a small team of young professionals. Working on the upward mobility of our own careers, we began to recognize the unavailability of easily accessible help for individuals as they seek new roles. We are here to fill that gap.

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