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My Favorite Products

Check out these yummy swaps 🤩

These are my personal favorites that I use on a daily basis, I am not sponsored by any company at the moment.
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Coconut Chips from Rind Snacks 🥥

Super flavorful dried coconut snacks without additives 😍 they are also delicious and even crunchier frozen

The Good Chocolate

The name says it all, these are so good 😍🙌🏻 all flavors are yummy and have a good balance between bitter and sweet 🍫🙈

Bulletproof Coffee and MCT Oil

Bulletproof makes super delicious mold free coffee and brain boosters like the Brain-Octane MCT oil which I add into coffee or in my salad dressing for sustained energy ☕️🥗

100% Grassfed Butter

So healthy and so yummy 😍🧈 my favorite brand is Lewis Road Creamery! Their cattle are exclusively grass-fed which is important to ensure a healthy nutrient profile. The butter comes in a delicious garlic and herb variety which my family loves🙈

Electrolytes by LMNT

These electrolytes are sugar-free, my personal favorite is the chocolate flavor, but beware these are salty 🤪

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao Chocolate

For everyone who has a sweet tooth: these rich chocolate bars are a staple in my daily diet, and you would never guess that they are sugar free and keto!
My favorite is the keto whole cacao and almond butter energy bar🍫

Jojos Keto Chocolate Bark

These are a delicious alternative to traditional chocolate bark. Jojo’s currently carries 4 flavors, 2 of which are sugar free.
Jojo’s Goes Hawaiian (macadamia and coconut) 🥥
Jojo’s Raspberry Dream (pistachio and raspberry) 🌸

Unbun Foods

These breads, bagels, banquettes, buns, tortillas and pizza crusts are so delicious you would never guess they are grain free 🥯🍞🥖
Very delicious with grassfed butter, avocado, or a simple tuna salad🥑

Vital Choice Seafood

Amazing selection of wild caught seafood 🦀
My favorites include the mahi-mahi filets, ahi-tuna steaks, scallops, shrimp, smoked sockeye nova lox, canned crab and mackerel, but there selection is endless🐟

US Wellness Meats

Fabulous selection of juicy steaks, chicken, bacon and sausage all 100% grassfed/pasture raised 🍖
My favorites include the bone-in filet mignon and Liverwurst🥩

Perfect Amino by BodyHealth

Essential Amino Acids are vital for building healthy tissue and lean body mass. These come in a variety of flavors, my go to is the mocha boost 🍫☕️
The Blondie and Brownie bars are delicious too🍪

White Oak Pastures

This regenerative ranch in Georgia raises delicious turkey, rabbit, and many more delicious meats and sausages (we love the bratwurst) 🥓

Broken Arrow Ranch

My go-to supplier for game meats, this ranch is special because of the way they humanely raise and process the animals which is a priority for me ☀️ I love the venison osso bucco, wild boar cutlets and the South Texas antelope filets 🐗

Primal Kitchen Ketchup and Dressings

These dips are to die for 🤩 I love the primal ketchup (no added sugar) and the cashew based hollandaise sauce. They also make yummy avocado oil mayonnaise and salad dressings which I love to dip my carrot fries in🙈🍟

Apple Cider Vinegar Shots by Sour Lemon Beverage Co

Who doesn’t love a mocktail 🍹 Mix these shots with sparkling water (my mom loves it with spindrift) and lemon slices and you’re in for a real treat 🙈
We love the cherry limeanade and elderberry the most🍒🍋

Marigolds Snacks Fat Bombs

These delicious keto fat bombs are made with grassfed butter and collagen and are a delicious afternoon pick me up😍 we love chocolate pecan crisp🍫
P.S. check out the chipotle almonds or keto pecans for an afternoon pick me up!

Primal Palate Spices

Spice up your life with these delicious spice blends 🤩 I love super gyro and the bbq rub🤤

Keto Nut Mixes by Bubba’s Fine Foods

Sweet and savory mouthwatering nut mixes- pepperoni pizza and chocolate chip cookie dough 🍕🍪

Ella’s Flats Crackers

These seed crackers go well with everything from liverwurst to guacamole 🥑

1915 Farms

Regenerative Farm in Texas that has super yummy dry aged grass fed beef products and organ meats! I am a fan of their marrow bones 🤤🍖 which taste super yummy with roasted vegetables 🥗

Perfect Keto Nola Bars

The coconut chocolate chip flavor is to die for and full of healthy MCTs 🙈🥥🍫
A real treat that reminds me of coconut macaroons!

Fatsnax Cookies

All the flavors are lovely as a little sugar free desert or a treat to go along with coffee 🍪☕️
My dad is also a fan of their grain free crackers🙌🏻

Julians Bakery Coconut Bread

Almond flour/grain free bread alternative that tastes amazing with nut butter or tuna salad 😍
The same company also makes other breads but the coconut bread is my favorite, my mom also like their granola 🥥

Turkey Breast from Diestel Farms

One of the only deli meat brands I trust, since they are nitrate free and sustainably raised. I love the oven roasted Turkey breast which is sugar free😍

Top Reads

Some of my favorite books that have inspired my cooking and lifestyle choices. I’m a bit of a nerd so I love the science behind it all🤓