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Hello :) i’m alecia mora !! I honestly saw this little idea to make a website off of a tiktoker’s !! But it looks really fun :) I’m a 17 year old american girl who lives in good ole Virginia !! I love to be outside , build things , paint , sleep , shop , chill , hang out with friends and honestly be around people !!

My dream is to be an architect , build housing that runs off of sun and air to decrease all the expenses and bills for people and families that don’t make as much as others . I also want to coach a Special ED softball league because this world makes them feel like they are limited to things the world thinks they can handle but ANYONE can do ANYTHING if they put their mind to it :)

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This card holds all my top activities , must dos, and things to do when your bored or with friends !!! i hope you enjoy and give me feedback on how they work out for you !! :))

Artista :)))

This is absolutely my favorite thing to do :)) Since we are under quarantine because of Rona :(( , i have done a bunch of painting !! and honestly , it’s so soothing and relaxing because if you mess up you can either keep going and work with your mistake ( happy mistakes ) or just paint over it and start new !!

Shopppingggg ;))))

Another great feeling is ONLINE SHOPPING ;))) honestly, it’s not the best for clothes if you don’t trust or are new to the website your shopping from because of sizes and if you can actually fit into the clothes but i online shop for room decor , random stuff i add to my daily life to use that made my days so much easier !!! my number one site and app is Romwe :) Their clothing is really pretty , low key made quality fabric , but BUT BUT , it’s really cheap and looks so good !! I got a toothpaste pushy thing of there and it’s legit the best thing ever !! also got a toothpaste pusher ? if that makes sense... it rolls the end of the tube when you can push anymore paste out ??? makes sense ? lol but it has everything on there and now they have something called after pay, where you can pay for your items slowly and by multiple payments . I love it and i think you will too :))) i will have it’s link below ;)))


sleep your pain away ;)

sleeping is my favorite hobby ! I know it sounds really lazy but sleepy is really healthy for your mental health and body . If you sleep to 2-4pm in the day , good your body and mind and brain will thank you !!! i sleep to 10:30-11 in the day and feel so good because i feel recharged !!