Curly Nely

Digital Content Creator | Learn to Grow and Manage your Curls

My name is Janely and ever since I was young I have been into hair. At a younger age I was never taught how to take care of my curly strands and I turned to the flat iron, straightening my hair every single day.

When I discovered relaxers and keratin treatments, chemicals which strip curls away, I begged my mom to take me to the salon every three months for a chemical curl striping session.

The result of that was not good at all, my hair was stringy, dead, and limp. Can you believe I thought that was how my hair was supposed to be ?

After a year of dealing with my relaxed hair I wanted it to curl how it did prior to the relaxer, but in it’s compromised state it was almost impossible to get definition because it looked like the end of a broom stick.

I scowered YouTube looking for tutorials on how to take care of my hair and realized I had to stop getting relaxers and grow my hair out.

Ever since then I was hooked on curly hair videos and the knowledge shared. Slowly but surely my hair began to grow and flourish! I couldn’t have had a successful curl journey without natural hair content creators.

I started my natural hair page to help women who are currently struggling with their hair. I know what it feels like to be stuck at one hair length and to have damaged hair that always breaks off. If that happens to be where your hair is at now I want you to know that your hair will flourish with time, care, and attention. Dealing with curly hair doesn’t have to be hard.

I will do my best to help you on your curl journey with the content I create.