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Creating Bosses

Hello beautiful Queens👸🏽, welcome to my world❤️💅🏽, “Custom Nailz💅🏽 by KD” , My name is KayDee, I’m the owner/CEO OF Custom Nailz by KD, LLC and the distributor of KD’s Acrylic💅🏽. I’ve been in the nail industry for 33 years. And I love ❤️everything about it. I’m known for slaying Nailz 💅🏽at all times. I recently opened my own acrylic line starting with the basic products & accessories needed by every nail technician. I’m also a Nail Educator 👩🏽‍🎓at an accredited school 🏫 , “Fort Pierce Beauty Academy”, since 2018.
My students are educated on all the fundamentals of proper acrylic application, 1099 vs. W-2, marketing, scheduling, and money management. We also offer private one on one workshops as well.
KD’s Acrylic is our own line of acrylic and we promote our products very strongly here. We believe that after years of research we have found the perfect self leveling acrylic system. We pray to increase our product line as time goes on.
We hope you enjoy shopping 🛍 with us & we would love for the NON-NAIL TECHS TO book your next nail 💅🏽appointment.

By side hobby is Holistic Practices. Yoni essentials, I’m also the CEO of “H. E.R. Yoni by KD”, were we supply all of your Yoni needs.
This is also available via online.

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