My Pattren

- Sun in Taurus
The sun determines my ego, identity, and "role" in life. It's the core of who i am. My Sun is in Taurus, meaning that i am fundamentally stable, deliberate, and practical, though somewhat stubborn. My sensual side takes comfort and pleasure very seriously—i also appreciate nice things when they're useful and meaningful.
It's in my ninth house, meaning that i feel the need to distinguish myself from others through philosophy, faith, education, and politics.

- Moon in Scorpio
The moon rules my emotions, moods, and feelings. Since it reflects my personality when i am alone or deeply comfortable. My Moon is in Scorpio, meaning that my emotional self is intense, passionate, and a bit dramatic. I have trouble opening up and letting other people in, and try to keep my intense darker emotions private. Which i find it difficult to trust others, which means my powers of perception may manifest in suspicion and controlling tendencies.
It's in my third house, meaning that i find security and safety through the things i know and are familiar with.

- Ascendant in Virgo
Ascendant is the "mask" that i present to people. It can be seen in my personal style and how i come off to people i just met. Some say it becomes less relevant as i get older. My Ascendant is in Virgo, meaning that i came across as precise, diligent, peace-seeking, and organized. Maybe i may seem a bit too attached to work, details, and the pursuit of perfection, which sometimes makes me seem a bit boring.

- Mercury in Aries
Mercury determines how i communicate, talk, think, and process information. It also indicates how i learn. It is the mind's planet. My Mercury is in Aries, meaning that i have a quick intellect, independent, impatient, energetic, and direct. I can think fast and start conversations with enthusiasm. I likely to yell.
It's in my eighth house, meaning that i am curious about and inclined to analyze death, sex, the truth, and how to trust.

- Venus in Gemini
Venus determines how and what i love. It indicates how i express affection and the qualities that i attracted to. My Venus is in Gemini, meaning that my romantic side is dynamic, curious, and easily bored. I love witty banter, but I also may have trouble deepening my relationships. I tend to be a bit timid and discreet with my crushes, because i don't know how to be forthright.
It's in my tenth house, meaning that for me, love is often expressed in goals, success, and responsibility.

- Mars in Scorpio
Mars is the planet of aggression. It determines how i assert myself, take action, and the energy that surrounds me—particularly in my sex life, my ambitiousness, and when i'm angry. My Mars is in Scorpio, meaning that i assert myself in a way that is serious and incisive, and i push things forward with passion and intensity. Once i decide that i want to do something, i won't hold back.
It's in my second house, meaning that i put a lot of energy into money and material possessions.

- Jupiter in Aries
One of the two social planets, Jupiter rules idealism, optimism, and expansion. It's also very philosophical. My Jupiter is in Aries, meaning that i grow and find understanding through action, velocity, forthrightness, and independence.
It's in my eighth house, meaning that i will find success through sexuality and transformation.

- Saturn in Taurus
The other social planet, Saturn rules responsibility, restrictions, limits, boundaries, fears, and self-discipline. My Saturn is in Taurus, meaning that i'm struggle with settling too easily, a lack of imagination, and getting stuck in the mud or distracted by sensory pleasure.
It's in my eighth house, meaning that i have had difficulties with darkness, taboos, rebirth, sex, and transformation.

- Uranus in Aquarius
Uranus stays in each sign for seven years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules innovation, rebellion, and progress. My Uranus is in Aquarius, meaning other generations are shocked by my generation's unconventionality, intellectuality, and detachedness.
It's in My sixth house, meaning that for me, this manifests in rebelling against dated expectations about routines.

- Neptune in Aquarius
Neptune stays in each sign for around fourteen years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person. It rules dreams, imagination, and the unconscious. My Neptune is in Aquarius, meaning that my entire generation finds inspiration through detached analysis and intellectual pursuits.
It's in my fifth house, meaning that for me, this manifests in my ideal—verging on unrealistic and impractical—about romance, self-expression, creativity, and pleasure.

- Pluto in Sagittarius
Pluto stays in each sign for up to thirty years, meaning it rules a generation more than a person, again. It rules power, intensity, obsession, and control. My Pluto is in Sagittarius, meaning that my generation's psyche is comparatively positive, free-spirited, curious, optimistic, forward-looking, independent, and confident.
It's in my third house, meaning that i'm personally is transforming outdated knowledge and played out familiarity.

Javanese Weton & Wuku

Weton ;

Dina : Minggu
Pasaran : Pahing
Haståwårå/Padewan : Yama
Sadwårå : Mawulu
Sångåwårå/Padangon : Gigis
Saptåwårå/Pancasuda : Wasesa Segara
Rakam : Nuju Pati
Paarasan : Lakuning Rêmbulan