to the cutest bunbun and the greatest gift i received.

Hello, cutie. I just want you to know that i am really thankful that i lived long enough to encounter the most precious human being, you. thank you for being with me, thank you for picking me and liking me. i often ask myself what in the world did i do to deserve someone like you? before, you look like the most precious gem that a fucked up person like me couldn't afford. i still think that way, even now. but i am fixing myself bit by bit so i can walk with you, side by side and holding hands. so i could face the world and shout that i deserve you, and you deserve me, too.

i know i am not the sweetest person nor the talented one who can edit you stuffs nor sing you a song whenever you feel blue, all i can do is to love you genuinely, for who you are. your flaws and imperfections makes the constellation in your sky that i just simple want to stare and adore. sometimes i wanna take a photo of you and display it to the national museum because dang, you are the most finest art God ever created. I could try and write things i am grateful since you let me like you and court you, but i don't think that won't even justify how deeply i have fallen for you.

this is our first december together and i know it won't be the last. i don't really believe in forever so let me just stay with you until my last breath, until my heart stopped pumping, until the very last day that i lived, i will still shout to everyone that you are mine and i am yours. to infinity and beyond, until the scientists discover the end of the universe. mahal kita, khiel.