What's CyanicKoi?

All About Celebrating Individuality.

Cyanickoi is the whimsical underwater wonderland which each of my one of a kind creations calls home. I strongly believe that art is so much more than something pretty to look at; in my opinion art is about sparking conversations, evoking emotions, challenging social norms & creating an experience for the consumer. Thus, my mission as an artist is to find new and creative ways to bring both art and functionality, the physical and metaphysical, together in such a way that even if you aren't neccessarily an 'arty' or 'spiritual' person, you're drawn to Cyanickoi creations. When you purchase from Cyanickoi, you are buying more than just a product - I strive to create a personal experience with every package so that each and every customer feels the same love and appreciation I feel from their support of my art.

My favourite medium to work with is resin, although I do dabble in a few others. I love incorporating mother nature's endless wonders into my work, particularly as I am aware of humanity's ever growing separation from nature - a gap I aim to bridge with the use of my creations. Any crystals, flowers, leaves, bugs ect. are 100% real (unless otherwise stated) and always ethically sourced. I hope that by creating art which both captures and preserves the essence of nature's beauty in items that can be integrated into our day to day lives, that this will serve as a reminder that mother nature's presence is omnipotent, regardless of how detached from her modernity may feel.

Who's behind the scenes?
I guess now would be a good time to introduce myself! Hello, my names Ebony, but you can call me Bo :)
I am the 1 brain and 2 hands behind every aspect of Cyanickoi.
I'm a black pansexual twenty something university drop out, and whilst I have no business or art qualifications/experience.. What I DO have is passion, vision, a dream & a boat load of drive and determination to make sure my vision comes to life and that my dream becomes a reality. My friends say I'm the most piscesan pisces you will ever meet (an introverted extrovert, bubbly, creative, dreamy.. you can blame that on my first house stellium.) and if I'm not creating, or sleeping I'm probably somwhere laughing, eating & tweeting.

Speaking of which! Did you follow me on twitter yet? @cyanickoi is my most updated social page, if you want to be the first to know everything; kept in the loop about sales, update sneak peeks, giveaways, coupon codes ect. then make sure you turn my post notifs on :)

P.S. If you read this far, I just want to say THANKYOU! I APPRECIATE YOU! You can take 10% off your first order with code: 'SHOPSMALL' ily x

What's CyanicVanity?

More Than Your Average Vanity Brand.

I created CyanicVanity as a subsection of the mother brand Cyanickoi, with the intentions of bringing together 'beauty'