I’m a wife, mom, fitness enthusiasts, and I love to travel —

Online Coach, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, CPT

A little bit about me.
I’m a native Floridian who is 46-ish years old living at the beach in sunny Florida with her ah-mazing husband & BFF, Mike.
I’m a fitness enthusiast. If I am not somewhere enjoying a cup of coffee, I’m probably working out or leading a class.

I love cookies, coffee, sunshine, and laughing!
Amazon Prime is my favorite way to shop!
Netflix is slowly becoming my favorite way to watch TV. I love leggings, side ponytails and I always have lip gloss near by.
I am a mom of two. Both of my kids are grown, but mommin’ was the best job I have ever had. I worked for the school district for 17 years before doing the unthinkable... leaving a classic 9-5 job to be my own boss. Of all things in multi level marketing. Don’t believe all of the things you hear, I am proof it changes lives.
For the last 7 years my ‘job’ aka side hustle has been an Online Fitness Coach. I love all things health and fitness, and I really enjoy being able to help others reach goals, lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, get fit and feel great!

I offer online fitness and nutrition coaching, life coaching, personal training and group classes.

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