Hi! I’m Cynthia M.S. Ed., LMFT

Parent & Family Coach

If you feel burnout, tired, anxious, frustrated with how things are going at home or in your life
then this space is for you!

My goal is to help you navigate parenting and that bumpy road called “childhood.”
I know it can be very frustrating & challenging to figure your kiddo out. I am here to support you as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

I am based in South Florida, but can coach you virtually. That’s the beauty of technology.

I can help with the small things such as daily routine, communication,
self-care, social skills & mommy wellness. I can also help navigate anxiety, sad mood, childhood trauma, parent separation & learn to co-parent.

Email me at hello@cynthiaeidelman.com for more info and prices.

My Top Picks

Informed-Parenting Resources

Here you will find anything from recommended & trusted websites, to books, podcasts, and everything you may need in between.

Common sense media

Here you will find a nonprofit website that gives ratings & info on books, movies, tv shows, games. It also answers questions that parents usually debate with such as, “is this movie/game appropriate for my child?”?

Child Mind Institute

An independent non-profit organization that provides the most current research & trusted information on childhood mental health. Great resource for parents and educators.

Book pick of the month

Momma...let’s learn all about self-care...what it is and what it isn’t. This book comes filled with great ideas, action calls and resources. Don’t miss out...our next meeting will be via Zoom on 3/18 at 8 pm.

Book pick for your kiddo

I love this trio! Great addition to your social-emotional learning library. Beautiful colors & story line. Recommended for children between 5-10 years old. If younger, I recommend discussing the pictures & summarizing the story line.

Come back next month for my next selection.

Parenting Podcast

I know how hard it is to find a good podcast. I highly recommend this one. Great conversation about everyday parenting issues & childhood development. All backed up by research.

P.S. I hope to have my own podcast one day.

Mental Health Podcast

Momma...I know what it feels like to sometimes put yourself last, struggle with anxiety or self-doubt. This podcast is short, yet sweet & powerful.

Rocket Kids YouTube Channel

All about social-emotional learning

Check this out! Great resource to have for your “not so little ones.” I recommend this channel for 6+. It’s made by kids for kids. I used this all the time in my initial “teletherapy” days to teach about social-emotional topics & as a conversation starter.

When things go wrong

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