Every expert was once a beginner!

Hi there ! —My name is Cynthia and I guess you could call me a late bloomer !
I’m here to remind you it’s never too late to ignite your passion !
You see I opted to be a stay at home home after having children in my late 30s .
So returning to the work force in my late 40s left me working minimum wage and deadend jobs !
I missed the passion that I used to have when I worked in direct sales many moons ago , I didn’t think I still had it in me ,but when I got sampled a pak of shampoo my whole world changed!
Not only was I able to embrace my curls after decades of trying everything under the sun , I also found myself in a brand new opportunity to share my new passion and to help others love their hair again and now skin too , as well as help others ignite a passion they may not even know exists!
I am also an avid Bible reader ,
Fur mama and have finally stepped outside my comfort zone and started singing Karoke , something I had longed for but was just too afraid!
As I got into my 50s I realized I am not just going to wake up one day with no fears !
So I needed to take action!
I have been where you are , I have lived it ,
Join me and we can take this journey together !
You are more capable than what you think!
Take the 1st step .