I’m Cza :)

I’d like to share some of my favorite and worth it buys! Use the hashtag #BudolByCza if I successfully budol-ed you ;)

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Skin & Hair Care + Make Up


Maybelline Lifter Gloss

I got it in the shade STONE. Super pretty!

Coffee Cloud

Coffee-flavoured matte lipstick that is waterproof!

Oh My Lash

Water and smudge proof mascara with microfibers

Magnetic Lashes

I have their magnetic lashes in ZORRA.

This is perfect for someone who doesn’t know how to put on regular falsies & is afraid of lash extensions — someone like me!


Water and smudge proof eyeliner <3

Bremod Premium Series Cocoa Butter Hair Color in Very Light Ash Blonde

Bremod Peroxide Oxidizing Cream

I use this instead of bleach!

Repaid and Maintenance Hair Mask (1000mL)

Smoothens and softens my hair :)

Brow Gel-lato

Has a strong hold on my brows + comes in different shades

Precision Brow Pen

My go-to product when I want to achieve that natural look.

Chocolate Splash

It’s a long lasting lippie with a subtle chocolate scent. I love the shades — my go to shades are cookie & doughnut!

Gleam & Glow

My favourite highlighter ever! Smells SOOO good + gives me that natural looking glow

Coffee Plump

I love its cooling effect and shades :)

Get Stained

SUPER long lasting liptint! As in, kumain nako and naligo pero its still there. Love the shades, especially VALENTINES DAY.

Velvet Dream Cream

Soft-matte lippies that are non drying!

Hydragloss in BIKINI

Hydrates your lips without that sticky feeling. Very pigment too!

Active Skin Tint

My go-to skin tint! If F2F classes are back on, i would probably wear this every single day!

Creme Blush in FEMME ROSE

Luster Glaze

Lip oil that has a variety of yummy flavors!

Shimmer Body Oil

I have their Shimmer Body Oil in LEO. I combine it with my foundation to achieve that glowy finish.

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

My skin feels super soft right after using this. Removes my make up easily too!

Cosrx Clarifying Toner

Cos de BAHA Retinol

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream

Hydrates my skin like no other! The best.

Cosrx Pimple Patch

My bestfriend when ever I get pimples.