Dahyo and Yoshi —

I made this for you and yk as a friend ofc

​February 25, 2021, The date when Yoshinori joined the Rain Clan. Dahyo didn't know about recruiting that day but when Eugeo added Yoshinori to their groupchat he immediately asked "may bagong members?" then Riona mentioned Yoshinori and introduced that she's one of the new members of Rain Clan. Dahyo pulled Yoshinori using his flirty side and funny side, Dahyo admitted that for the first 5days he was just joking on liking Yoshinori but suddenly he fell in love. Yoshinori made Dahyo feel special and even helped him to boost his self confidence. Dahyo asked Yoshinori to watch Your Lie in April, that date is the first memorable date for Yoshinori even though they didn't finish the anime together. - (March 3, 2021) - March 4, 2021, Dahyo told Yoshinori that they will finish the anime tomorrow. That day is one of the best day of Yoshinori's life because that's their second day as idk ehe. March 3 to March 7 they're still okay till March 8 came after that Yoshinori felt sad because Dahyo regretted his decision which is good and reasonable so Yoshinori tried to understand more of the situation. They are still friends good friends. Promises that turned into stones. This will be my last effort na for you:>,, I still have the screenshots of my favorite moments of us, I'll just put it in next page.

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