Facts About Me 𓂃

Hi welcome to my website! ᪥

Hii! This is dailyeya!! Yuhh that’s me at the pic, My full name is Yurika Gayle you can call me Yuri! I’m 11 years old and my dream is 10k followers! I’m in 6th grade yuhh, I don’t have friends, so wanna be my friend? 💕 If you want my coloring go to Instagram search “SOFT 02 by robertobrendo”!! My favorite color is Yellow 💛 ofc! And my idol is Eya Borja! ofc 😆, I love to eat! Specially chicken 😋🍗! I love thinkerbell since birth!! My fav song is “traitor, good 4u, happier, driver license, WAP, etc” and i love Olivia Rodrigo! I’m 🇵🇭!! I love to dance, paint,eat,draw! My fav subject is MAPEH because may arts 🤪, and I love to watch movies 🍿!! That’s it ig! 💕

•Make me say (Your Idol)!
•Letting (Your bsf) expose me
•Who’s your fav tiktoker/youtuber?
•Do you put shadows on your texts?
•Do you like coffee?
•If you had to eat the same thing for the whole day what would you eat?
•Copylink if you go to your gallery when you have no internet!
•If your idol quit who will be your idol?
•Do you have long or short eyelashes?
•How old is your favorite cousin?
•Are you really old enough for tiktok?
•Are you a singular fanpage or a multi fanpage?
•I’m going to pin only one comment will it be urs?
•Do you have more than 2 siblings?
• Do you have a pet dog or cat?
• Do you share your room with someone?
• If you could be any animal what would you be?
• What is your favorite sport?
• Who do you admire the most?
• Who is your favorite cartoon character?
• Draw a heart on your keyboard and see what you get!
• What would you do if covid was gone for 24 hours?
• Have you ever called someone mom who wasn’t ur mom?
• Have u ever blamed something on your siblings what you did?
• Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
• Do you like spicy food?
• What is your best friends zodiac sign?


•Grey Mod (2x) by k1ttyykhh
•Love Talk by k1ttyykhh
•Sunkissed by k1ttyykhh
•Garden by ghostgxrl._
•Ultralight 01 by k1ttyykhh
•Lush by k1ttyykhh
•Aurora by k1ttyykhh
•Tak3 on m3 (2x) by k1ttyykhh
•Momoi by k1ttyykhh

search to TikTok “cafesoundz”