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Hello! I assume you’re here for some fish tips or how to care for your aquatic buddy. Well let me tell you, i’m here for whatever you need help with.

Do you need to find some affordable equipment? Or tips on how to treat a sick fish? Maybe you need help deciding what fish to get, or if you’re doing everything right. Again, whatever it is, I can help you!

Things you will need to know

Why are my fish gasping for air at surface?

You notice your fish are gasping for air, what do you do? and why is it happening? Well this happens simply because the water has poor quality and the fish have little oxygen. How do you fix it? There are a few things you can do. Do a water change, add more agitation to the surface, or you can insert live plants into your aquarium. The goal is to add a safe level of oxygen to your tank.

How to treat a sick fish?

One of the most important things is to keep a healthy viable fish. What do you do if your fish becomes sick? First you need to find out what illness your fish has by doing some research and observations. Once that’s figured out, it’s pretty easy to determine what is causing it. If you need help finding medications, email me. But it’s fairly easy. Go to a local pet store or even amazon and find the treatment you need based off of the research you should’ve already done. If you don’t want to do research ask a pet store employee, and they should help you. Too avoid much sickness add tannins and/or aquarium salt. This should keep your water clean and your fish healthy.

Why are my new fish not eating?

You just got new fish and they are not eating. Is this a problem? I don’t want them to starve. Is this normal? If this is your first time getting a fish and they aren’t eating, calm down. It’s totally normal for them to not eat the first day or even the first few days. This is normally caused by stress. So if the fish are not new what could have caused this stress? Think about that and solve the problem. This could also indicate that they are sick so try to do further investigation if stress is not the problem.

How can I find cheap tanks?!

Fish keeping can be very exciting if you have a true passion for it. This may make you want to get a big tank so you can fill it with the fish you love most. Big tanks are usually really expensive. You can find extremely cheap tanks on facebook marketplace, most pretty cheap because people just want to get rid of them. Some of them even come with equipment or stand. You can also get cheap ones in pet stores when they do sales. For example (my favorite) the dollar per gallon sale. That means you could* get a 75 gallon tank for only 75 dollars.

Fish Basic Needs

🐠BETTA FISH🐠 - These fish are one of the most abused fish. It’s assumed that it’s okay to put these fish in tiny half gallon-three gallon tanks because they are sold in tiny containers. They can survive in harsh conditions like that, but it certainly is abuse. I would say the absolute minimum it’s 3.5 gallons. The perfect sized tank would be a 5 gallon. These fish do not do well together. Only females could be kept together. These are tropical fish!! They need a heater and a filter. Ideal temp about 78°F. Do not neglect or abuse any fish! Make sure they have places to hide and rest their fins! They can be kept in a community tank with peaceful fish. Some do not like big tanks. You can also add some ghost shrimp or snails!

🐠CICHLIDS🐠- These fish are very aggressive and should only be kept with other aggressive fish. Many cichlids get very big so make sure you are able to buy them a big tank when it comes to that. They are tropical and do need a filter and a heater. I recommend only keeping the same sized fish together because if there is a bigger one, it probably will harm the smaller fish. These fish like to fight each other even over food like other fish. Don’t put live plants in their tank because they tend to dig up the substrate for no reason. Give them plenty of room and places to hide.

🐠GOLDFISH🐠- These are also a widely abused fish. These fish do not belong in a tiny bowl to be neglected. For a small group of them, they could do well in about a 29 gallon tank to start off. They do get big, some could grow to two feet. They are cold water fish, you don’t need a heater but you do need a filter like you do for every fish.

(typical necessities for most fish)

• heater
• filter
• water conditioner
• clean water
• appropriate sized tank
• places to hide, decor.
• a light


1. Setup your aquarium BEFORE you get the fish.

2. Sell your fish if you cannot take care of it properly instead of abusing it.

3. Not all fish are easy to care for, research before you pick out a fish.

4. Have fish medication on hand just incase! Tannins & aquarium salt are a lifesaver

5. Live plants!! Get them! Some fish do not do well with them, so research!!