⚠️Tw:death threats⚠️

I'm sorry...

So I had an secret account where no one of my followers here knew that it was my account.The account was almost at 9k but after I decited to show my face reveal some people started body shaming on me and saying that I'm ugly I should kms and sending me more death threats.I didn't do anything I just showed my face to people who asked or wanted to see.But I was wrong actually that was really bad idea.I started getting even more d3ath thr3ts. But pls I'm sorry for being ugly Im really sorry but pls I'm begging people to stop sending me such of things it hurt me a lot.I already blocked over 200 people I also even delete my accout.....I didn't know what to else.But pls stop it people found this account too.10 people sent me d3th thr3ts.It really hurt.stop pls.poeple should know that its not okey to sent d3ath thr3rts you can end a life....like somone did to my friend.Pls it hurt so much.I cant do anything else just to starve myself...I'm sorry .I'm thinking to delete this account too but just don't send thsoe things again I'm so sorry......

About my situation

Will be taking a break

So basically I wouldn't be online for a long time.I wouldn't be able to post much vidoes:( .Cz I have some big problems that I need to yoke all alone.Those days every one has a interes to love you lol.And yea I would be also taking a break.Don't unfollow tho cz I've been noticing always when I take break everyone unfollows haha.Ye I wanna say tho that don't worry I'll be fine.Just I need to focus more on school and more stuff.I'm so stressed out so I need to take a break.I'm not sure when I'm going to be back tho.But if you need help or something just text me or sent me an dm's on my instagram @ningqrvs I would try my best to help you:) I really hope you understood me .But be careful , stay healthy and stay safe .Remember I really love you so much no matter what<33

𝐃𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫

You are worth it

you are Amazing.Do not let people take over you.You are doing great keep your head up.I love you so much no matter what.Don't forget to eat and to drink water:D

Daily Remember

I made this because I wanted to tell you that you are valid and worth it

I just wanna say that you are so amazing.Never let people to take over you.You're doing great keep going.You are valid and worth it I love you so much no matter what:D