So don’t like your own videos you can get shadow banned that means no one will see your videos, post 1-3 times a day tiktok will put you on the Fyp! —

So my name is daisy and I live a very good life with family friendly and pets and I’m very happy in my life I always go outside in my garden with the dog on the screen I love my mum she’s very sweet I have 2 annoying siblings and there really rude to me I have a very sweet nanny like so sweet my step sis is very nice and sweet to me all the time🥺

I ❤️ life


So these are some tips for my lovely fanpages —

Don’t like your own posts it gets you shadow banned post 1-3 times a day cuz if you post a lot then people won’t see your videos and won’t watch or like them

The reason why I get some hype it’s cuz I don’t post that much I don’t like my own videos and follow back my followers for actives!

Here some facts about me I lie charildamelio she’s very sweet but not sour this is my puppy Bella she’s so funny sometimes and a bit wierd but I love her 😂🐸🙄

So my name is daisy like a flower so imma be telling you things about me so ye —

So I take my cute loving dogs on walks maybe twice a week and I am afraid of the dark but I always have my Nan if mum in the room to comfort me

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⌗ hug bugs ⊹˚˖⁺ ⤜ 🐞 ⤛
⌞ not impersonating ⌝
⚓︎ — nat is the loml ⊹˚˖

So I just wanted to thank all my lovely followers for 1k my goal was 1k at the start of 2021