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Daisha Ayanna

Fashion Content Creator & Owner of Quaintrelle Vintage

Daisha Ayanna is a fashion & beauty blogger based in Northern California. Quaintrelle by Daisha is a fashion & beauty blog where she shares everything she is passionate about. The blog is focused on fashion trends, her everyday style, beauty routines + must haves but her YouTube channel touches on her personal life such as vlogs & travel. She videos on fashion & beauty there as well.

Quaintrelle by definition is what Daisha embodies & hopes to inspire everyone in some way every time you read her page. Quaintrelle (N.) A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, & cultivation of life’s pleasures.

Daisha has extended "Quaintrelle" into her own shop, Quaintrelle Vintage, Est. 2020. Quaintrelle Vintage is owned by Daisha Ayanna and is a secondhand shop selling preowned and repurposed luxury accessories & 18k gold filled jewelry. She repurposes authentic designer jewelry into new pieces with her take on it. The brands mission is sustainability & promoting eco-friendly packaging without compromising the luxury feel & making luxury more accessible.