Daisy Mia Ureño

Deeply passionate about life.

Welcome! My name is Daisy Mia Ureño and I am so excited that you are here! This is a page where you simply get to know me just as I am. My interests, my projects, my career, my life.

I have overcome incredible challenges in life, but thanks to those challenges I have worked hard on myself and created the life I have now. Today, there is nothing I want more in this world than to help others also live the life they are meant to live. Join me in living deeply passionate about life!

Nova Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Daisy Mia

I am driven by an immense passion for life and this passion is one that I want to share with you. Living passionately means living purposefully, developing continuously, and acting consciously in every aspect. However, living a healthy and purpose driven life requieres a lot of constant work, dedication, commitment, and discipline - that’s where I come in.

Living life to the fullest takes practice; it requires a plan. Whether it’s career choices, finding clarity, or managing life changes, or personal development, we can do it together. Allow me to help you achieve your greatest goals and aspirations through effective strategic methods and a personalized plan for you and your lifestyle. Allow yourself to become the best version of yourself because you deserve it and the world needs it!

Education and Professional career -
IAP Certified Life Coach
Human Resources Professional
Co-Founder/Director - Help In Action
AA in Psychology
B.S. - Human Services Mental Heath
M.A. - Organizational Leadership.

Help In Action

I am the Co-Founder/Director of Help In Action, an organization dedicated to inspiring volunteerism and helping those in need.

It was through volunteering that I was able to connect to my purpose of serving others and Help In Action grew from the deep conviction between myself and a friend, Genevieve Pontillas, that serving others was our calling. Visit our website to learn more about Help In Action and how you can help!

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