Be the person you wish you had.

Hey you :) So excited to introduce myself today. I am a student and single full time working mother of 1. Also an enlisted solider in the military. I like to braid hair as a hobby and love to cherish the free time I get with my son. Usually people call me a workaholic because nothing ever seems “enough” for me. I enjoy experiencing new things outside of what I do everyday. So should you! Don’t get stuck in a cycle of working so much that your days pass you by. That’s why now I’m making steps to build “freedom” into my life and going after more happiness and flexibility.

Have you ever had someone expect you to be the same person you were a year ago? Yea, me too. A lot of people say I’ve changed and I proudly agree. You should never want to settle being the same person. That doesn’t symbolize growth! Knowing the world we live in today, I take advantage of every opportunity that is presented and make best of it. You never know when it won’t be available anymore.

I’m a person who is not afraid of evolving. If you are interested in things you’ve never expected or want to go after something you think is a bigger goal than you imagine, GO FOR IT! When I stopped limiting myself, I got a lot farther and accomplished things I couldn’t imagine myself doing one day. Let yourself grow and be the best you! No more holding back.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can start today.

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