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19 year old scorpio gal currently livin in my hometown Santa Clarita, California. A sophomore at Beloit College studying theatre performance & critical identity studies. Works as a costume technician. Passionate about exploring non-conventional anti-realism theatre with poc, womxn, & lgbtq+ artist.

My personality consist of my love for cats, body positive fashion, almond milk lattes, intersectional feminism, indie music on spotify, thrift shopping, stand-up comedy & spiritual discovery/growth.

I’d love to chat & analyze film & art with you. Would love to connect with folxs who work with surrealist/expressionist/absurdist theatre!

top 5 films that made me feel emotions i can’t explain

i don’t consider myself a film connoisseur by any means, these are just a few films that left a lasting impact on my life

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Directed by: Luca Guadagnino

I can honestly say this film changed me. The last moment is one of the most powerful & emotional moments I’ve ever witnessed. Visuals & setting is beautiful. Will make you consider booking a ticket 2 somewhere in northern italy. Where my love for Timothée began!

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Directed by: Martin McDonagh

If you liked Fargo you love this film! Every character is unbearably unlikeable but you can’t look away. One of the best depictions of anger I’ve seen as each character spends the entire movie trying to one-up each other’s act of chaos. Acting in phenomenal!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Directed by: John Hughes

Favorite 80’s teen movie! Extremely quotable & just a feel good film you could watch a million times! Museum scene is perfection and most talked about but, there are many other moments that are just as iconic. Cameron is one of the most ‘real’ characters I’ve ever seen in a teen film. Contrary to belief, I think the film is really more about Cameron than Ferris as he shows tremendous growth.

500 Days of Summer (2009)

Directed by: Marc Webb

A+ romantic comedy! Every time I watch this film I have a different opinion on it whether I side with Tom or Summer. The color theory is so intentional and the non-liner structure really draws you in. Will fight anyone who says Summer is a MPDG!

Midsommar (2019)

Directed by: Ari Aster

A mind fuck of a movie! There is so much to unpack & analyze with this film. After watching it for the first time I felt numb from everything I just witnessed. This film is truly a piece of art the colors are beyond intense & visuals are very vibrant it’s at times uncomfortable. Very little dialogue yet, says so much. Florence Pugh gives an outstanding performance as Dani!

thinking back on better days...

this past year i lived in this lil 1920’s house with 5 amazing pals! since the house is owned by my college we all had to leave earlier than planned due to covid-19 & miss it very much. my best & worst nights were in this house. i loved our lawn chairs, squeaky stairs, burning popcorn in the microwave, & our quote board. it can be hard during this time to feel a sense of home since we (hopefully) aren’t leaving it unless it’s urgant. i encourage you to take time for yourself & be mindful of the space your’re sharing :)

15 songs to get you out of a quarantine funk¡!

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Baby ~ Clean Bandit (feat. MARINA & Luis Fonsi)


The Basment ~ Lunar Vacation


Canyon Moon ~ Harry Styles


Casting Spells ~ Danger Incorporated


Come Along ~ Cosmo Sheldrake


Crush Culture ~ Conan Gray


Dang! ~ Mac Miller (feat. Anderson.Paak)


Dead To Me ~ Kali Uchis


Full Grown ~ Ms. White


Glitter ~ Zac Greer


Honey Bee ~ Foxtide


i ~ Kendrick Lamar


Mango ~ Peach Tree Rascals


Tú ~ maye


West Coast Love ~ Emotional Oranges

Social Media During the Pandemic  —

Like so many, I often feel that social media has an extremely toxic atmosphere that increases psychological damage to our perception of reality. During long summers & winter breaks is typically where this spiral hits its peak, since I have time to spare. Although, since being in quarantine social media has become one the only outlets that have gotten me through all this. Being able to see updates on my friends and family is quite honestly the only bit of normality I’ve experienced. Let alone the vibe been wholesome, from bingo’s, TikTok dances, Instagram challenges, Bill Clinton memes, I love it! With all these distractions, social media has increased false information, paranoia, and acts of racism across the country which very likely could trigger some folxs. Try to limit yourself, and find new activities that aren’t on a screen since we’re all spending so much time on them. Our mental health is extremely vulnerable under these circumstances, now is the time to pursue joy. ✨🦕🌸🤍🍋🦋🍥

5 not unheard of but not super popular shows you should watch!!

I haven’t too many television shows, these are just a few I feel like are underrated or haven’t heard much talk about :)

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Season & Episodes: 1S 9EP
Show length: January 7th-March 21st 2018
Where to stream: Netflix
*Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story*

DAREN CRISS PERIOD! He gives an incredible performance as real life serial killer Andrew Cunanan, so good he won an Emmy & Golden Globe. The story is told chronologically backwards, flowing Cunanan’s murder streak. Has some of the richest visuals in set design & color I’ve ever seen in television. Very suspenseful & engaging, perfect for fans of Ryan Murphy!

Little Fires Everywhere

Season & Episodes: 1S 8EP
Show Length: March 18-April 22 2020
Where to Stream: Hulu

Very new show that deserves more hype!! Has the same kind of vibe as Big Little Lies but more tense. This show sparks up a lot of discussions around inequality of race, bigotry, and different forms of racism while still being suspenseful! There are so many phenomenal women & teen actors, and doesn’t back down from its darkness.


Seasons & Episodes: 2S 16EP
Show Length: March 25th, 2018-??
Where to Stream: HBO GO & Hulu

I feel like this show is pretty popular in terms of critics but, why isn’t everyone talking about it?? It’s amazing & Bill Hader’s best work yet! You can feel the heart that’s put into this show it feels like I’m watching an indie movie rather than a tv show. It’s dark and emotional while being absurdity funny the next. This show is best seen when you go in blind in my opinion and is a show that I believe should be studied for it’s writing because it’s THAT good! I would just watch this show for Hank is I’m being honest!

What We Do in the Shadows

Seasons & Episodes: 2S 20EP
Show Length: March 27th, 2019-Current
Where to Stream: FX Networks

Inspired by the film of the same name, follows a group a Vampire’s in a documentary style on there daily occurrences. I just started watching this show and it perfectly embodies quirky/witty/awkward humor. It’s like The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but with vampires. It’s one of those shows that doesn’t sound like it’ll be good but, is surprisingly hilarious!

Russian Doll

Seasons & Episodes: 1S 8EP
Show Length: February 1st 2019-??
Available to Stream: Netflix

Another show that should be studied in media classes, this show is phenomenal in every way from character development, symbolism, and visuals! Flows a Groundhog Day scenario where the main character Nadia keeps reliving her 36th birthday as she keeps dying. Easy to binge since it has an indie movie feel, if you like Barry chances are you’ll like this show in my opinion!