Who am I?

Athlete | Dog mom | RMT | FF | Natural Product Lover

Hey there! I’m Dallas! A big city girl turned small town gal 💕. Typical Canadian with a Country side! I’m a Lifesaving Sport Canadian National Athlete and if you don’t know what that is you need to YouTube it because it’s one of the best sports! Along with Lifesaving sport I am a firefighter in my small town with huge goals for the future.

I’m a business owner times two and love to help anyone and everyone. As a Registered massage therapist and a vegan beauty mentor my goal is to have all my clients feeling their absolute best!

My hair and skin care business is ran through WiFi and it’s heavenly because it can be done anywhere at anytime! With an uncapped commission and no need for inventory I’m paid for how hard I work and how much I work, meaning that when my massage business goes through it’s busy time I’m able to balance out the time between the two! We are truly changing peoples lives, whether it be the ability to quit that 9-5, afford that dream house or simply using luxury products that are toxin free and anti-aging! I’m always looking to share this opportunity and these products!

My husband and dogs will tell you that I’m constantly on the go and needing to be active at all times which I’m sure is the reason for my love of rainy days when it’s okay to slow down and take it all in 💕.

Toxin-free hair and skin care


Because social selling is where it’s at

We all share our fave Starbucks drink, fave restaurant even our fave sweaters! This is social selling so why wouldn’t we want to get paid for it!?

I have been a RMT business owner for 5 years and it’s always been apparent that you need that second income. I mean for me a pandemic pushed me to take the leap but in all honesty it has shed light on the fact that we all need this security.

My hair and skin care business has become my stability in times of hardship, I get to help men and women get the hair and skin that they’ve always wanted! I get to teach and mentor others to do the same! Whether you’re looking to get an extra bit of income or whether you’re looking to quit that 9-5 reach out. I offer consistent training opportunities, incredible support from a whole range of different women and a consumable product with incredible results!

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