Meet Jo Lam

Spiritual Advisor
Empowerment Speaker
Founder|CEO - Project Beauty
Jo is a spiritual advisor who has used her divine gifts to help individuals achieve self-awareness and emotional healing for many years.  Jo realized from a very early age that she viewed the world from a somewhat different lens than many of those close to her and it was in adulthood that Jo finally grasped and embraced her spiritual awakening. In knowing that she possessed the marvelous gifts of clairvoyance and an overall desire for wanting to help others heal, Jo wanted to share, empower and teach others the healing benefits of holistic methods for navigating and recovering from life’s most challenging times. Jo Lam, herself, is a survivor having overcome the devastating challenges of domestic abuse coupled with a host of health issues including a ravaging autoimmune disease.  
Jo’s vision is to share her experiences and to spread empowerment to those whose lives have been turned upside down.

As a vehicle for giving back, Jo founded a non-profit fittingly called Project Beauty! Project Beauty serves nine different shelters across the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex and with the help of Jo’s like-minded “Beauty Angels”, Project Beauty has helped thousands of survivors on their road to independence and healing through the power of beauty, self-love, support, mentorship and encouragement. Jo believes that all women are beautiful, powerful and worthy beyond measure and she is committed to doing the work for which she has been called to do.

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“Jo, helps you to reclaim your life. Getting rid of self doubt and replacing it with self love. She offers one on one coaching that is life changing. Thanks Jo, for all the support, love and light!”

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