Meet the Artist...

Bregena Golden, Acrylic and Lettering Art Extraordinarie

All amazing stories begin with birthdates so let’s start this with just as much of a bang!

I was born on August 24th, 1988 in Atlanta, Ga. to a family name that I personally feel is bound for success to be bestowed upon me so thanks for being on this site and helping me to “lay a brick”. I know that the “art” of fine art or even hand made art can be lost in the digital and graphic arts world we have stumbled upon in the last 20-30 years but I pray for God’s favor in allowing you to be one of the people moved so much by my work you allow it to add some more beauty your home!

A little more about me?... I have a beautiful daughter who God knew I would love so much that He made her birthday Valentine’s Day. I have been in the corporate world for a while and I feel I am ready to share my gift with the here’s my shot at it!

As far as the art?... all of the shipping is FREE and currently my inventory is of CANVAS ORIGINALS ONLY (prints are coming soon!)

The B. Golden Collection

Summer/Fall 2019

All pieces are available for purchase through Email or Direct Message found through the @damngena_gogena Instagram page.

Pricing Available through serious inquiry only.

“Summer’s Over” • 30in. X 40in. • Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

“Sienna” • Acrylic on Canvas

”I Am Protected” • 24in x 30in. • Acrylic on Canvas