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Hi!! Now that you are here, time to think about spoiling yourself and others around you!

My name is Yazmin and I want to spread my love and make a difference in people’s lives! I’m a 28 year old dog mom who loves the sun and beach. I’m also a full time budtender who has a drive for helping people. I was introduced to Monat, a luxury anti-aging, vegan hair and skin care company. I decided to join a team of motivating and inspiring women who make me believe in this company and I love the friends/business partners I have met! Of course having healthy skin and hair due to these products FCC with no harsh chemicals and it’s vegan friendly is a major plus. Monat helps nourish, hydrate and rebuild damaged hair or help with skin care, there are different products for all types of hair💄💋 there’s a bunch of other vegan products out there, but ours is unique.

Let’s learn to take care of yourself with products you use daily that your skin absorbs! Your skin is literally like a sponge, so you want it soaking up the best possible. And how about healing and protecting your hair from the sun’s rays?

I am always here ready to answer questions, wether it’s receiving product, joining my team or for advice; I am all ears ❤️

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