Join us to celebrate our love and our union. We’re so excited to be continuing this journey and look forward to many love-filled years ahead!

About us😁

Dammy and Bisola met through a mutual friend who recalls Dammy being completely enamored with Bisola after their first phone call on the friend’s phone. They kept in touch, and the rest as they say is history. They share a love of food, movies and many other interests and are very committed to their relationship and love. 🥺🥺

The Groom🤵🏾‍♂️

The Groom 🤵🏾‍♂️—
Dammy is a big baby with the softest heart. He has a caring soul and he loves so hard and he never stops loving you no matter how many times you mess up.

Fun fact: He loves to cook and eat but he is adventurous with food. He doesn’t mind to combine different things just to get a different taste from an ingredient.

Work: Dami owns and runs a business called #TheGrillBar where he prepares tasty and memorable grilled meals for clients in whatever quantity they want. He might be a bully, but he sure know how to make some yummy food!

The Bride👰🏾‍♀️

Bisola is a shy, loving and vocal person that loves reading books, listening and digesting lyrically amazing songs for out of this world artist. She also loves to cook to travel and experience things different from how she knows them to be. She enjoy hanging out with her friends and loves helping them however she can.

Bisola is currently using her in Mass Communications and her Master’s in Marketing Communications to add value to an advertising agency and also other projects she’s involved in professionally.