About Your Coach

Former Miserable B#%^*

Yes that is me! FORMER negative bonding, gossiping, people hating, crippled by anxiety, codependent (but very funny) B&^%*.

I radically transformed my life and became aligned with my true calling to help women who were once where I was.

Does that miserable bitch rear her ugly head here and there, sure... But I no longer define myself as someone who has anxiety, and I have reclaimed the love, fun, connections, and gratitude that having an anxiety mindset was stealing from me.

My training is extensive & diverse. I have a BA in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute, and am a Certified Teacher and Life Coach. I I have over 300 Hours of Functional Yoga Teacher Training and have completed levels I & II of Neurosculpting Meditation Training.

For over a decade I served thousands of incarcerated and addicted individuals in both the for profit and non-profit sectors as an educator and a manager. During that time I received extensive mental health, trauma related, and crisis intervention training.

More importantly, I am in the trenches with you! Since my pre-teen years, I have been a "patient." Experiencing trauma at an early age, I have been under the care of Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Coaches. I am on a life long path of self-discovery and healing. On top of my formal trainings, I also have a passion for research. I read and take all the self-study courses I can fit in my life to stay current and serve my clients at a high quality and informed level!

My other favorite title is MOM! I have a sweet daughter named Zoe and a husband, Adam. We love adventuring, laughing, and doing life together with our family & friends!