Hello, it’s me!

Mostly, its the dogs + horses but there’s a few other things too..

I enjoy and cherish my very simple life with a touch of the finer things. I’m a small town gal to the core, city life has never been the place for me. However, I do like the convenience of skip the dishes :p but I always love the feeling of coming back to my quiet home out west.

My dogs and horse, road trips, sunsets, a warm summer night on the farm, the smell of horses, days at the river with my dogs, a clean house, fresh bedding + a good caesar or crisp glass of Pinot Grigio are some of the things that make my heart happy & calm my soul.

The things I create are a direct reflection of who I am + what I like. Minimalist, authentic + a flare of sass / sarcasm. I don’t like a lot of things but what I do like, I am wildly passionate about.


Inside Cowgirl Way Designs

“Don’t be like the rest of them darling” -Grace Kelly

Cowgirl Way designs is creating authentic goods for the everyday gal! Featuring bleach / vinyl design clothing + home decor. Our bleach style is a twist on the clothing world- nothing fancy- bleached into the fabric. You don’t have to worry about the integrity or special care instructions. Our vinyl is just as easy to get along with! This life doesn’t leave us time for that worry anyhow. Wash, dry + wear as much as your heart desires.

Each design, graphic + stencil is made in my studio, then hand placed on the item + bleached or pressed. This creates a one of a kind piece, even if the same stencil + item are used. Who doesn’t love a one hundred percent original item?!

The beauty of overthinking;

Being able to bend the mind, when others only see the straight lines.

St.ay Wildd Beauty

The difference.


I want to teach you how to do your makeup, everyone deserves to be able to make THEMSELVES feel beautiful. Seint products make this so easy, even for the everyday gal!

I focus on natural day to day looks + sharing my tips and tricks I learn as I go. I have always loved all things beauty and have tried my fair share of things. I probably have some kind of a review from some part of my life- usually not glamorous! But I have lived + learned and feel totally confident in sharing that with you.

This is also the reason why I decided to become a Seint Artist. I LOVE this line, it has changed my makeup routine forever + for the better. The revolutionary cream based line + concept + application + results are so fool proof and flawless. Every gal should try this, you’ll see + feel the SEINT difference, from the inside out♡

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