Hey, I’m Danielle!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m so glad that you stumbled across my page. I often say that a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet - I love that this platform brings so many incredible strangers turned friends into my life. My main goal is to show up as my authentic self in this space… this means you will see less than perfectly curated content along with me choosing to live everyday to the fullest. I’m married to the love of my life Ted and together we are raising our four adventure filled kids on our 20 acre hobby farm in a rural-ish town northwest of Chicago.

I always knew I wanted to be a momma that was home with her babies so 16 years ago I started my own business with an incredible company that offers CLEAN personal care and nutrition products. I started with no experience in leadership, marketing, or sales and somehow turned my passion into a multi-million dollar company that I am able to work from my phone. I love helping others create freedom and flexibility in their time and finances while keeping their priorities in line. If you are looking for margin and want to lock arms with someone who failed her way to the top 1% of her company - I’m your girl.

I hope you stick around! If you do, you will see a whole lot of Jesus, family, business and REAL. That is the only way we know how to do it around here. Never perfect, always genuine.

Cheers to living out who you’ve been called to be… authentically.