Danielle Lowes

Hey y’all! I’m 21 originally from Moose Jaw SK, but have been lucky enough the past year to be able to move out on a farm just north of Morse SK with my boyfriend and our animals. Growing up in the city always made me want to live on a farm and i honestly couldn’t be happier where i am! I love to spend time with my friends and family, i love camping, i love baking & cooking & the outdoors!

My Top Picks

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Here’s a few of my fave things to do!!!

Spend time with your friends

Take time for your friends, they are so important and will always be there to lift you up when you are down. There is nothing better than having people you can count on all the time

Self Care

Although it’s so fun to be constantly on the go and doing things, it’s so important to take time for yourself as well. Self care matters. If you don’t take time to yourself you will burnout and that will not be great at all. So always remember to take time to treat yourself too.

Working out

Always take atleast 1 hour everyday to move your body, like really move it. get it to work. 30 mins if you can’t do the hour but it’s so important and will make you feel so much better.
I live on a farm, so i can’t make it to the gym everyday. I am lucky enough that i was able to turn a spare bedroom into a little gym for myself and i love it lots!

My fav workout tools have been
Peach bands
Step board from amazon