Hi, my name is Danielle, but most know me as Dani! I'm beyond excited to share this opportunity and walk this journey into quality health and loving oneself with you.

My husband and I are full throttle in the raising of our blended family; our (6) kids range in ages 3 years to 18 years old!!   We hope that we are positively influencing their lives as we support them towards their greatest potentials together and be that better example. Not perfect, but we do communicate, ALOT!

I choose 'ItWorks' because I believe in their products, not just for me but for anyone! Also, I think this is the right company that genuinely allows you to help your family achieve your goals quicker, and having fun while doing it is a win-win!! 

Let me help you meet your goals too!  Whether they be for health, financial, or support. Only together can we move to the next level and raise our frequencies higher.

Stay safe and always be kind,
Xoxo Dani-

My Top Picks —

The wraps are 100% my favorite and the one thing that really brought me back to this business. I’ve seen friends and loyal customers drop 3inches across their waist line in one night using these wraps. And of course my other top picks, the coffee and teas, that I’m excited to see individuals journeys while using them.

The wraps

These bad boys will have you shrinking inches in your daily life or slumber and keeping that skin plump and toned.

The coffee

The skinny brew really gives me that energy that I need for my work day and keeps my mind at ease since I’ll be burning the fat off with each sip

The teas

I love myself a cup of calming earl grey and what’s better then having a relaxing cup of tea that helps you with your weight journey then the itworks skinny tea