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The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.

Hello beautiful! My name is Dani and I want to tell you about my journey. I am 24 years old, a recent TCU grad and a full-time legal secretary. I’ve always taken pride in my determination and refusal to give up. Not even a year ago, I lost my job due to the pandemic and had to go on unemployment for over 8 MONTHS. I tried everything under the sun to make some extra cash and keep my bills paid. After some hard work (and lots of no’s) I landed a full-time position at a small corporate law firm in Dallas.

Even though I landed an amazing job with a steady salary, I wanted to be able to save money while also building a future for myself.
That’s where this vegan and non-toxic beauty brand comes in! My friend was making money from switching to clean beauty products and using social media. I thought, “If she can retire from being a full-time nurse because of this opportunity, I DEFINITELY want in.” It took me weeks to actually let go of my self-doubt and fear; and I came up with a million reasons why I should wait for a better time or not do it at all.

I took the leap of faith and it’s honestly the best thing I could have done! With the unending support from my team, this business empowered me to tap into my potential take my success into my own hands. The only thing standing in the way of your goals is yourself! Whether your goal is extra income, being your own boss, or simply just achieving healthier hair, let’s talk!

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