i’m danika- a stay at home mom raising two kiddos alongside my favorite man in our hometown.

just sharing life as we go- mostly natural wellness, the beginnings of homesteading, homeschool encouragements, what i’m learning about functional nutrition, respectful & intentional parenting & any other interests that i land on along the way.

here to serve & inspire, here to share passions & hopefully spark passion, here to shine a light.

i love that you’re here.
talk soon,

truly nourishing


most of what i share when it comes to nutrition is a combination of weston a. price principles + pro metabolic eating. for me, this way of eating is mostly just getting back to basics- it’s unlearning what i knew to be true from the mainstream. its a lifestyle. it’s super inclusive but also conscious. it’s choosing to cut out the noise & go against the grain a bit- but it’s actually staying true to the body’s physiology & that’s what makes it so mind blowing.

here is a list of my favorite resources:

the freely rooted podcast

the perfect starting spot for learning the basics. after listening to the episode linked, i highly encourage you to listen to every single episode- they are all beyond amazing.

click here to listen

top 5 nutrition myths

amanda (@hormonehealingrd) just recently launched a podcast called “are you menstrual?” & it is one of my top favorite resources for information surrounding supporting the metabolism + hormones. linked is one of my favorite episodes.

click here to listen

food guide

fallon danae (@fallondanae) is one of the hosts on the freely rooted podcast & she offers this free resource for finding out which foods are helping & hindering your metabolism.

click here for free download

meal plan

fallon (@fallondanae) also offers a beautifully put together pro metabolic meal plan. it includes a daily guide, delicious recipes, brand recommendations & tons of helpful side notes. i have been using it every day for months now & i love having the inspiration & guidance on hand.

click here to learn more

the freely rooted course

kori (@korimeloy) is also a host on the freely rooted podcast & she offers the ultimate step by step guide to restoring your metabolism. cannot even believe how much is included in this course- SO much education & support!

click here to learn more

metabolically supporting recipes

such an awesome blog post that shares some of my favorite staple recipes.

click here to read

mediterranean recipe book

annika nicole (@iamannikanicole) put together this recipe ebook that’s filled with mediterranean inspired pro metabolic dishes- everything is delicious!

click here for more info

harvest recipe book

annika (@iamannikanicole) also has this fall/winter inspired pro metabolic recipe book that’s again FILLED with delicious recipes.

click here for more info

6 weeks of nightly meals

liz (@homegrown_education) created the absolute best nourishing dinner guide. no more having to figure out what to make for dinner! there’s nightly menus, cooking instructions, shopping lists, sourcing suggestions & more. so so good.

click here to learn more

BATCH recipe book

another amazing recipe resource by fallon (@fallondanae). titled “batch” because they are all meal prep/family sized meals.

click here to learn more

young living

essential oils + nontoxic products

our family has been using young living for about four years now. having a company backed by people who truly care about quality, sustainability & their customers is HUGE. having products you can truly trust for your family is an extreme peace of mind. the health changes we noticed while switching our products over to these ones was nothing less than profound & as a mom i am just so thankful they exist.

they also offer the opportunity to share what you love with others, which helps me help my family financially & allows me to stay home with my kids. forever grateful for that & i’m just so proud to share them with you.

here for questions anytime.

november gifts with purchase

young living does this awesome thing where you can earn rewards just for shopping for your favorite products for your home. you can earn loyalty rewards points to use as store credit cash & also free gifts! the more you shop, the more you earn. the gifts are always so generous & perfect for the time of year.

click here to see what they are


how you can fill your home with health benefiting aromas.

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fall oils

a list of all the best fall oils for all of the warm cozy diffuser blends.

click here

be well

our favorite products for helping us stay well.

click here


all of mine + my daughter’s kid favorites.

click here


oils + products for the littlest ones.

click here

personal care

nontoxic personal care products are so important to us & these are some of our favorites.

click here


probably my most favorite line that they offer. thieves for all the nontoxic household needs.

click here


they even have a pet line! if you’re in need of resources just let me know.

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sharing the love

links + codes

below you’ll find a list of companies
that we truly love with all our hearts & choose to work with because they align with our values. every single one enriches our lives in some way & we love sharing
that with other families.

in letting us support you, you are also supporting us- & for that, we are SO grateful.

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