My Journey To Financial Freedom

I've Always Been An Ambitious Hustler

Welcome to my Page !

My name is Danielle I always have had a drive and Hustle In The Beauty Industry. I worked a lot of dead end jobs before I got to where I am Now. Like most of you I've lost my main source of income due to the pandemic. When this happened it really opened my eyes to do more where I’m passionate.

DUE to the stress of losing my job I did some studying on this opportunity .I’m so glad I decided to invest in myself .what was I waiting for? What did I have to lose ? NOTHING !

Besides having hair and skin I’ve never had before I now also gained a second business/income. Ive gained a community of other woman& men similar to myself. My heart is huge and I always have loved to give back to others even at the expense of myself and time and this business helps and allows me do that. A lot of inspirational people have used this training and business to become successful and they get involved and give back even more.

Over the years I have had many surgery's and my hair was always in a horrible state as you can imagine from all the anististia. My results alone are what drives me to show all of you these products. Why ? So you can fall in love with them yourself. Maybe even give you the push you need for an opportunity like this to help you financially. Why not make a profit on something you love and use daily? All from your phone.

Our unmatched compensation plan.The earned trips we get sent on. Our motor club. The perks and opportunities are endless but so is the growth you gain from this experience.

Common misconception Don’t think I’m successful because I do hair anyone can do this. Your personal gain with signing up with me is that I do have a lot of knowledge in hair and this business to get you running. Let me be a resource along with all the other amazing tools we have to offer.

If you want help with products or to partner with me please DM Me anytime!

When I became a partner we just had hair and skin products. Wellness and body care have made its way to us now giving us more of a market.since I joined we also launched in 3 other counties.It’s only up from here ✨

What is monat ?

We are modern nature providing Skin Care , Hair Care and Wellness