Daniella Zoghbi

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Welcome to a sneak peak of my life!
Hi all my name is Daniella, but everyone calls me Dani. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children Jacob, Olivia and Isaac. I worked for 17 years as a director of an early learning centre in Melbourne. When I had my first child Jacob 8 years ago, I continued to work 4 days a week, In doing this i missed out on so much of little Jacobs early years, So I decided once I was pregnant with Olivia that I will resign and become a SUPER MUM. Arts and crafts, nappies, school pickups, and even added a new addition to the family little Isaac and just enjoyed watching my children grow.

Then 2020 came and just slapped us all in the face! Being in Melbourne and dealing with the longest lock down in the WORLD, Home-schooling, toilet paper shortages and all the amazing things that came with the pandemic I decided I can’t continue to rock the messy mum bun, tired skin and limited human contact, So came across Katherin from Girls Gone CEO and she introduced me to this amazing opportunity with MONAT which gives me the ability to make money from anywhere, travel, work the hours I like and still have time to be with my family and live life at its fullest and meet so many beautiful supportive people all around Australia and the world.

So come and join me in losing this mum bun and replacing it with freedom

Becoming a boss isn’t your thing??

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