Here’s some info to get to know me!

Hey my name’s Dannayah and my birthday is March 30th. I’m 12 years old and I love to dance (I’m not “super” good yet😂) and act. My dream jobs would probably be an actress, a YouTube influencer or an interior designer. My fav animals would definitely be dogs puppies and kittens I think there sooo cute! I like the styles boho and minimal because I think they look really nice and simple, there’s a picture of what I would like my room to be like. Hope you learned a bit about me! Click on the link to see my YouTube channel I post videos once a week!💗

Dannayah’s favourite show

My fav show!!

My favourite show is “Once Upon A Time” it’s soooo good omg! My mom watched it a long time ago but I wasn’t interested because I was little like maybe around 6 or 7. Anywayssss this year my friend was talking about it a lot! It’s one of her favourite shows! She would always tell me about it and told me I should watch it. I told my mom that she watches it and she told me that I should because it’s such a good show, VERY GOOD DECISION!!! Me and my mom started watching it together. I love the show one upon a time because it’s so interesting and makes you want to watch more and more episodes! The characters are super good actors and it brings the story to life! I definitely recommend this series!

Some info

Here’s some of the apps I use to make edits and coloured videos!

YouTube editors:

-Adobe Premiere rush

Colouring editors:


Apps for edits: