Dannika Michelle Beling

Conscious Entrepreneur ✨

Hello and welcome lovely

I'm Dannika Michelle Beling, a small town country girl living in the big smoke of Brisbane, Australia

I'm a Digital Creator and Mentor, I help millennial women monetize their socials

Because I truly believe we all have a message worth sharing

But how you ask.. By using these 3 steps

A Personal Brand, A high ticket offer and Automation

As a young girl growing up, my big dream was to become a Hairdresser and that dream came true! I was a Hairdresser fulltime for 15 years but as time went on my dreams changed. I craved more.. time, money and purpose..

After taking some time to do some soul searching, it led me to the online space

Turns out there is a way to really create and manifest my dream life..

The best part is I can mentor others to do the same

Not to mention there's no ceiling here

We owe it to ourselves, right?.. To listen to what lights our soul up

Because we came here with out blueprint, we just have to go through the journey to learn how to tap into it

I'm committed to following that journey because I'm going to set my soul free

The only question is, are you coming too?

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I am here to INSPIRE women to stand in their own truth

Know that we're not meant to be perfect, but we can unconditional love yourselves

Great power comes when we do that, it makes us unstoppable

Are ready to level up in all aspects of your life?

Because I’m not here to play small, I’m here for the long and to create legacy wealth!

Who’s with me

Get to know me

I'm a small town girl, living in the big smoke of Brisbane

But as they say you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl

I'm a creative introvert, who loves adventures and chilling out on the couch

I love country music & RnB, well let's be really if it's got a good beat, I'll sing to it. But there's no promises on me having a good voice haha

I love coffee & chocolate & stationery

But I'm working on trying to substitute green tea for coffee key word trying haha, plus I probably have more chocolate and stationery then I need too but hey

Not to mention I'm fuelled good quality H20

I love to be inspired and I love to inspire others

I'm a proud dog Mum and eager to raise my own babies one day,

A massive lover of personal development, Myers Briggs, love languages and star signs.. Crystals, oracle cars, affirmations and self development

And I'm learning more everyday about my angels and spirit guides, and raising my own vibration

I love to supporting others, especially women to ignite the sisterhood

Stepping into the online world, has been incredible, because I've been able to connect with women all over the world

I actually never saw myself having an online biz or maybe I did, I just never knew where to start

Until now, I found a platform that helps you every step of the way

Whether you've got some experience or none it doesn't matter

Feel aligned?.. Let me show you, how you too can leverage a high ticket online automated platform

So, what are you waiting for come play? Let's ignite that light in side of you

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