Health and wellness

I'm a mom of two, wife, daughter, mother, special education teacher and a coffee lover.

Hello my name is Danielle. I have worked for itworks which is a health and wellness company. I have lost over 45 pounds plus. I am a mother of two boys, a wife , a daughter and a special education teacher. This is my side hustle. I am a product of the products. I started losing weight by drinking keto coffee and when I stopped nursing my son after 18 months. I started by just drinking coffee and I started shedding the pounds off. I decide to work for the company because I love the coffee. I am a product of the products. After awhile I started to try new products that have helped me with gut health, appetite control and weight loss. I do also use the skincare.
Let me help you with your journey or start products .
Why feel guilty eating foods you enjoy? Lose weight, tone up or become more healthy.
We have beauty products, skin care, nutrition, keto- friendly, weight loss and endurance products.
Our products are for both men and women.
I am here to help guide you on journey or help products for your new journey.
I do sell sample packs daily as well.
I look forward to helping you and starting your journey together.

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