Get to know Dan

I feel like it’s so hard to get to know someone in the about me section so please feel free to reach out so we can chat!
But here is a little about me before we talk.
My name is Dan and I am a creative virtual assistant. Anything from graphic design to video to managing social media is my game.
I have a bachelors degree for Entertainment Arts from College for Creative Studies.
I’ve never been able to just sit and do one form of art, which in the beginning made me feel behind my classmates and peers as they specialized in one form but now I know so many different things and have knowledge in countless art mediums and social media platforms.
I love alternative style and looks but am completely comfortable with any look your going for!
Let’s take some time and see what we can do to improve your business!!

My services

Send me an email and we can discuss what plan will work best for you!

My skills
+ Creative
- Social Media Templates
- Business Cards
- Logo + Branding Design
- Image Editing
- Video Editing
- Illustration
- T-shirt + Mug Design

+ Social Media
- Social Media Management (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, Twitter)
- Analytic Breakdown
- Target Audience + Hashtag Analysis
- Content Creation + Schedule

Package One

5 hours a week
-Perfect for when you just need a little bit of help in the week to get your work done.

Package Two

10 hours a week
-For when your hustling just can’t cut it anymore. I’ll be your right hand man and we will get your business running the speed you want without draining yourself

Package Three

- 15 hours a week
I’m now your ride or die. Time to get this business running like a well oiled machine!