I recommended some instagram pages that explain how to save the environoment @ser.ecologico ..

The environment and animals are in our danger, the planet is collapsing and we still don't take the necessary measures to save our planet, it's time to help, together we can, dividend we fall✊🏻

A busy day

Every Saturday I finish my homework that I don't finish in class, this time it was a big heavy, since I needed to finish my proyects. I usually listen to music to relax when I finish my homework


It's a good day to finish my projects

This week I hope to finish all my projects and be able to visit my mother from Saturday. I practically already have some projects but it is still difficult.


crazy day

This Wednesday, while I was doing my homework I listened to music, after finishing my homework I did housework, and I began to investigate more about the environment



on Thursday I continued doing my projects, since they made me a bit tiresome, but I have already handed in all of them



The last day of school, this Friday I finished my missing homework and some projects, I picked up my curto. since I would go on Saturday with my mom and return on Sunday.


Hello mom

This Saturday I arrived with my mother from 8 in the morning and we had Birria breakfast, at 3 my cousins ​​arrived, because we were going to have a sleepover. my mother had to go to work, so later my cousins ​​and I went to buy chetos, sweets and maruchan soups etc ...
we ate until 7 o'clock (we always protected ourselves, with masks etc ...) we were awake until 6 o'clock. Well honestly I stayed up at 3 o'clock as it made me sleepy


break ends

I woke up at 10 in the morning and my cousins ​​will continue to sleep, it was obvious since they fell asleep at 6 in the morning, my brother was already awake since 8.
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon I went to congratulate my nieces who had their birthday, one turned 4 and another 2 or 3. I came back and bought an ice cream since my stomach hurt and I arrived with my dad since the next day there would be classes, when I got home I got disinfected and went to sleep


hello homework

this Monday I start with bad internet. I didn't know what to have for breakfast this Monday, so I had a smoothie. In the afternoon I ate with my family and rested a bit later I did my homework and watched videos, the night came very quickly and I slept

Tuesday. —

bad day to rest.

I chose this day to rest after school. During class I hurried to do some homework and then after class. I ate with my family, when I finished I washed the dishes and went to my room to rest since I was very sleepy but couldn't sleep. It is very ugly to have insomnia.
I can't rest, so I tried to sleep; Night came and I had dinner and after 4 hours I was able to sleep.

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any given day.
this day was shorter on this day I did practically nothing, it was just a day of class and homework.


penultimate day of school.

This day I was very surprised since on Wednesday I had delivered a project ... that project is the physics project, which I had tried a lot, as I said this day I reviewed my qualification of some projects, when I reviewed the physics I had realized that I had a 10, but at noon I received a notification saying that I had measured my score. I was surprised, what I went to check and said that I had gotten an 8 because my partner from 2 A Isabel had the same project as me, in the end everything was resolved and I got a 10.


It's Friday and the body knows it!

This Friday I liked it since they gave me the news that there are no classes on Monday and I hope I can see my mother on Sunday and Monday, since I miss her, this day I will finish my homework to rest the rest of the days