About me

Darby Hubbell

Hi y’all! My name is Darby and I’m a college girl who loves learning about how food and movement can effect my body and it’s day-to-day productivity!

For the past six months, I have been collecting information on the health benefits of intermittent fasting. I suddenly realized I wanted to openly track and log the effects fasting was going to have on my body, not just externally (like body image), but internally too!

My goal in documenting my intermittent fasting journey is to inspire people with the amazing, daily life benefits it will have on the human body!

I also have been experiencing gut issues, specifically with my gallbladder, so I am learning more about gut health as well as hormonal acne (which has been a whole new adjustment to my life).

I can feel my body is in a re-rooting process, and that my hormones are in the process of shifting now that I am about six months into being 21 years old. I think tracking my health experiences and body shifts could be an interesting way to both connect and inspire other women and men to do the same!

Do I Exercise?

Heck yeah I do! Intermittent fasting actually boosts my workout vibes!

My top picks

all things health

Here is a list of my top people to follow via Instagram and shows to listen to through various podcast apps!



A free resource for making the science behind fasting understandable and straightforward to implement for everyone.


The Health Code Podcast

This podcast is a GREAT and inspiring source for all things health and @sarahsday is hilarious to listen to!

Do I Count Cals?

Nope, I learned it steals my joy and makes me resent food!